• Wanda Bascomb Montgomery

    Wanda Bascomb Montgomery

  • Herb Wright

    Herb Wright

  • sıɹɹɐɥ pıʌɐp

    sıɹɹɐɥ pıʌɐp

    | Science | Technology | Society |

  • Chandra Gore

    Chandra Gore

    Principal Consultant & Publicist for Chandra Gore Consulting. Author, Speaker, Producer, Community Organizer and Festival Founder — Serial Entrepreneur

  • Rochelle Valsaint

    Rochelle Valsaint

    Black women entrepreneurs biggest fan | daughter of a Black woman entrepreneur | NOLA’s finest living in Atlanta.

  • Haripriya Narasimman

    Haripriya Narasimman

    I’m a research scholar| Blogger| Interested in content writing | Love nature | Dream to travel | I believe “action speaks more than words”

  • Ashley Peoples

    Ashley Peoples

  • London Alexaundria

    London Alexaundria

    Journalist. Editor. 1/2 of Let’s Talk: Creative Podcast

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